Gangstalking Stopeg

Hello my name is Feyza Sahin i wanna tell my Story here i am a Targeted Individual since birth also my whole Family. My Parents are from Turkey they came later to Switzerland to work here and yes they did and then my Mom was a Victim here in Switzerland they wanted to kill my Mother but they failed then she was Preagnant she lost 2 babys by this Crime how they did this with an Dangerous Gas horrible. Then they tryed to kill us also but didnt worked so the Children Doctor gave us me also Vaccines that made us sick me also Autistic my older Brother got Asthma okay i have 2 Sister and 2 Brothers i am in the Middle so in 2004 my Sister came into the World with an Hole in the Heart how they did this to her also with an Dangerous Gas that made my little Sister sick she was 1 year at the Hospital she has also an heart value she also everywhere scars from Surgery in the Hospital happend many things i dont rly wanna tell it here they also Manupilated our DNA at the Hospital here in KinderUnispital Zürich Switzerland they played with our DNA they dont have the Right to do this…Stupid Doctors they never saw an DNA like this so then SwissSecretService was attacking us then later Fbi Cia Mossad came and Involved in this its just sick if u ask me okay then i was 12 years old they attacked us and then Gangbullying me at School the whole School was involved in this but i didnt know it what happend and i got also attacked with this Directed Energy Weapons when i was 12years old yes very sick i had so many Problems….also later my older Brother lost his Job by this Gangstalking and they also attacked my Mom when she was going to visit my Sister at Hospital how they dare she had a kid at Hospital and they attacking my Mom with Laser and DEW that makes me rly angry Military was involved also Police its an Goverment Crime yes…okay and it doesnt Stoped now is 2018 i got Gangstalked when i was 23 years old i was working normal then an Nightmare happend i didnt know what happend then i found a Website about Gangstalking then i was awake and then later i was like wow i was always a Targeted thats why i was always so tired sick and had problems to think i got also diagnosed with Asperger but i dont belive in this Crap and my Psychologist was also involved what a Corrupt b…… i am sorry but this Hurts so much my Souls was already broken now more and my Heart but yeah they also tryed me that i do commit Suicide and the SwissMilitary attacked me with an Laser my Brain was like burning and melting i had 5 days very bad Headache and the other side Directed Energy Weapons that feels like i am burning and melting also i was so dizzy tired once i was crying soo much because off this that DEW it hurts soo much i cant describe it its the horror and Suicide no i would never do that because i know i would lose the Ticked to Heaven so i am Religios The Creator made me and brought me into this World and gave me this Life this Soul my Family i am happy about it.

I dont know what life is i dont know whta Love is i never had a Boyfriend because off this we are all at Home and my Dad my Mom they are very sad that we dont work 😦 my Dad dont understand this it makes me rly sad to see my Family like this it hurts soo much my Dad wanna that we Marry and to have children to stay Alone..tbh who dont wanna have this….but yeah life can be rly mean and Horrible and i know that i am not alone with this many People are Targetted and Gangstalked this is not normal anymore i know they are Putting people in this Program for fast Money that makes rly angry….rly for me Money dont say things…but i know we need it sadly to life its the System who is sick its just all Corrupt like the Corrupt Goverment…and i tought the Goverment Police Military is for us People for our savety but i was wrong they are mostly evil and Corrupt sick Freemasons RottaryClub LionsClub Business Loungue they are all also Involved in this Crime also the Media f them…rly they dont care about Humans just about Money..thats all sick..its an Crime against Humanity i and my Mom my Brother we are fighting for our Freedom we wanna be EllaFree and Payback for that what they did to us we are trying to Expose this Crime this is the most disgusting Crime i ever see…No one deserves this Crap lets fight all Togehter against this Crime and save Life rly i dont wanna that others go throw this its horrible…Pls share this with the World for the whole World must know about this how the System works and how they Torture People to dead i cant ignore this its an Crime….so i am fighting with my Family i hope we can Stop this Worldwide Life is short and we only life once is this rly worth ?? noo Karma yes what goes around comes around…Pls lets Fight for Humanity and save Life…My Hope is that we TIs can be all Free and life rly i was crying 1 week non Stop after this Happpend to me i dont wanna that others go throw this i dont wanna see more Victims…so lets Expose this Sick Perv Satanic Shadow Goverment…i am alive and i am happy that i am 🙂 my Family also i will pray for TIs i know its Horrible…but lets End this Nightmare.

Feyza Sahin just a Outsider Girl who is very Shy and sensitiv and Socialy Ankward and funny and kind i would never hurt someone or an Tree or Flower or Animals or Humans i am too sensitive i cant…so i am also an Freethinker Empath we are all Humans we came from the same Creator so War is pointless and makes no sense…i am always for Peace yay

I am sorry about my English grammer lol i am not so good i know

Thanks For Reading ^^

Sincerely Feyza


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